Description of the workshop

We propose here to gather members of the EHT collaboration and researchers dedicated at finding/observing pulsars in the Galactic Centre (GC). This workshop will take place in Paris, France during June 2-5, 2020. A large part of the workshop will be focused on general GC pulsar science. Any discussion involving EHT data (currently scheduled to happen on Friday 5th) will be restricted to EHT members.


* Please register before May 4 *

There is NO registration fee. We acknowledge funding from Paris Observatory in support of this workshop (lunches and coffee breaks).



Robert Wharton (MPIfR Bonn)

Michael Kramer (MPIfR Bonn)

Gregory Desvignes (Paris Observatory)



Gregory Desvignes (Paris Observatory)


How to get to Paris Observatory:

The meeting will take place at Paris Observatory, with an exact location (either Paris or Meudon site) to be defined at the end of February.
In both cases, people are expected to travel to Paris either by plane (Charles de Gaulle airport CDG, then take the RER B line to go to Paris) or by train (e.g. Gare du Nord in the centre of Paris). 
For more infos to get to Paris Observatory, Paris site:
To get to Paris Observatory, Meudon site:
- Trains every 15 min from Gare Montparnasse to Meudon Centre or Meudon Bellevue Station, then 15 min walk to reach Meudon Observatory and the historical building
We encourage people to stay at an hotel near the neighborhood of Denfert-Rochereau and Montparnasse. A list of hotels will be provided later.

Financial support

We got limited funds to support travels for some of the participants, students and young postdocs. Please send a request at gregory.desvignes(at)

Scientific program

The program is currently under construction


Day 1 - Tuesday, 2nd

1) Intro / Welcome / Explain the point of the meeting

2) GC Magnetar + Other GC Pulsars


Day 2 - Wednesday, 3rd

1) History of GC Pulsar Searches

2) Current / Ongoing Searches

3) What are the main problems?

4) What is our current understanding of the population? 


Day 3 - Thursday, 4th

1) Future Facilities

2) Unexplored Search Techniques

3) Lots of "structured" discussions


Day 4 - Friday, 5th

EHT Specific Discussions


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